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Bulma Brief
28 March 2031 @ 12:06 am
Any questions about my roleplaying of Bulma Brief? Concerns? Do you have a suggestion about how I could improve? Feel free to comment here.

All comments are screened, flaming will not be taken seriously and simple criticism with no suggestions about how to improve will be accepted but ignored. If you don't like how I play this character your opinion shall be respected but don't expect me to make random changes in my roleplaying to try to satisfy you if you don't give me anything specific to work with.
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Bulma Brief
27 March 2031 @ 05:55 am

✉ Ⓐppointment Ⓟost ✉




Permanent post for small IC messages or encounters for curiousgenius @ luceti.

When replying to this post please mark the date in the subject line.

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[Written, June 10th]
Bulma Brief
06 December 2011 @ 09:56 pm
Yahooo, people of Luceti!

This is an open message directed to both boys and girls, new and old residents, from yours truly Bulma Brief! Those who have been here for longer may remember me talking about setting up a beauty store, if not, well, I did it and it's on the journals. Now then, things have been a bit hectic, so it has taken me longer than I expected, but it's done now. So! If you are in need of a hair cut or a hair dye or just washing your hair and can't do it yourself or would prefer to have someone do it for you, feel more than welcome to drop by "Pearl Eden"! Luceti's brand new beauty store for all your beauty needs. Need someone to do your make up, or a manicure? You can get those here as well!

It's located at house 29, following the path to the Battle Dome. The salon has its own entrance so just head there if you want. Also, if you want I can take appointments through the journals.

[Though she doesn't think there will be a need for that, actually. Still someone is bond to want to use this, right? She can recognize a dyed hair when she sees one after all and she knows there are people who do it, having someone else do it for you it's always easier, isn't it?

Later, at evening time, she will make an elaborate filter for a more serious message.]

[Filtered to the general Luceti population which prefers men as their romantic partners]

At risk of being just making a retoric question without an answer... How do you deal with a man from your world and future for whom something has happened between you both but you're too far back in time, at the point at which at most you're just curious about him?

[Talk about complicated questions. She intended to stop there but she ends rambling a bit.]

I mean, I really don't think that there's something as a predestined thing or something settled in stone, and it's not like it would really matter here of all places. It's not as if he seems particularly interested or is the romantic type, but I know him and there's... Something not right, when right is "how I'm used for things to be", you know. It's not that it's wrong but it's not what I'm used to and even if it's not something big it's enough for it to be awkward. What is a girl supposed to do here? Jump into his arms just because it seems that on our world that's what I'll do in my future? But this isn't our world and it's n ot as if we're the only ones here, as meaningless as it may be, it shouldn't be bad to keep options open. I'm still young and I'm definitively single at my time back home!

But there's a kid. In the future, not for me yet! Still, the thing is there's a son and though I don't know how is the Malnosso's record of bringing here babies or little kids... I've seen little children around so it's a possibility. And I'm not sure I would like for my son to arrive and be traumatized because things aren't like what he's used to. On the other hand, doing something just for the sake of someone who may or may not appear here doesn't really sound like a good idea.

[Not to mention that it would still be awkward.]
Bulma Brief
10 August 2011 @ 08:25 pm
[It's official. She's going to go crazy if things stand as they are, she needs something to do and since any decent level of technology in this place seems to be against the laws of nature -or rather the laws of the Malnosso, really, she's so making sure that Goku beats them to a pulp when they have a chance-... She has to find something else to do. Feeding a saiyan fills time but not that much if one knows what they are doing. It's almost funny, now she understands her old classmates when they were lost about what to do in their futures. It had been so clear for her, continue with the company, not because of wanting it to go on due family pride but because it fitted her. Had her father owned a baking company she would have remodeled it when taking care of it. Or opened her own company.

But now she can't do that. It's crazy. So she has to look at other things she is good at and that could serve to fill time.]

Okay, everyone, heads up I need your attention for a little bit.

We are quite well served with stores and restaurants, but there are a few services that are missing, aren't there? A hairdresser, to begin with, not only for the ladies, you guys should also wash and cut your hair every other month. The primitive man look isn't in nowadays, you know.

I don't have a degree but I've been taking care of my own hair for years and I assure you I know what I'm doing with it. So I have been thinking on setting a store for it, not just hairdressing but general stylist as well, manicure, pedicure, make up, and so on. In fact I could just go all the way and just open a Make Over. You get in and you get a full make over, or as much as you want one.

Now, basically want I want to know is how many of you would be interested on it. Or if there's something else that the village is lacking and is needed, tell me, this is just an idea from the top of my head so I'm not dead set on it and I'm open to challenges.

[After all anything she does will be different from what she's used to.]
Bulma Brief
06 June 2011 @ 02:44 pm
Some mental settingCollapse )

Probably this question has been asked thousands of times but, could anyone tell me what attempts have been made to get through the barrier that surrounds the designated area of Luceti? I mean, specific attempts, not just "everything we could", I'm new here so I can't know what "everything" exactly means. And has anyone attempted to study the barrier to see how it works or if it could be reproduced?

... And actually, could anyone explain what's up with the technology in this place? It goes from rural prehistoric when looking at the appliances at the houses, to modern technology with those journals and the teleporters or that battle dome.
Bulma Brief
11 May 2011 @ 02:33 pm
What... Hey, hey!! Wait a minute!! What's this supposed to mean? Wings? Wings?! I can't be dead!! I'm too young, pretty and intelligent to die!! Son-kun and the others were supposed to be training to avoid this!! I demand an explanation!! Where's Kami-sama? Or that Kaioh-sama!! And everyone else?! Which barbarian's idea was it to drop a helpless and sweet girl in the middle of nowhere!!? And where are my capsules?!!! And my clothes!!! Who had the nerve to take advantage of me like this?!! You can't just abandon me here like this!! Take me back home! I'm not dead, this is a mistake!!

[Being lost in a forest is definitively not Bulma's idea of having fun and no matter her age, she will rant about it... At least until she thinks she gets a glimpse of familiar black hair spikes.]

Was that... Son-kun!! W-Wait!!

[Later on, both Goku and Bulma will be at the village for anyone to meet them and welcome them to Luceti.]

[ooc: Feel free to do action or voice, both Goku and Bulma will be replying to both instances unless you specifically ask for one of them. Voice answers will be icly delayed a bit, as the pair meets and gets hold of their bearings, but not overly so. Regarding action, Goku's thread goes chronologically first. Thread order... I think it's better left to be decided on a case by case c]
Bulma Brief
28 March 2011 @ 05:00 pm
Coming soon.
Bulma Brief
27 March 2011 @ 10:54 pm
Coming soon.